Dragon Flies

Late afternoon on a sunny autumn day and I’m sitting by a pond in the slanting sunbeams. The light is mellow, warm, and softly glowing on the foliage of the trees and shrubs around me. There is peace. Not the peace of silence, because traffic murmurs not far off on the main road and a neighbour’s dog barks a greeting to its returning owner, but the peace of the rightness of things. All of the sounds, smells, sights, all of my senses are receptive and alive, and all is as it should be. This is the harmony of just being. I am observing, nothing more, just simply observing what is.......... - Read more

Death - The Ultimate Counsellor

Only one event is inevitable in our lives – all else is subject to review and change. That one inevitable event is our imminent death. I say imminent because death is an essential and constant aspect of life. It is not possible to have either one without the other. If we are wise we will see death as our constant companion on the journey of life.......... - Read more

The Coming of Man

An old Hindu legend tells a story of the coming of man in the dawn of the morning of the world. In this legend, the Gods began to feel threatened by the quality of man’s activity, his power, and his immortality. They started to perceive man as a real threat to their own sovereignty. And so, fearing that man would eventually overthrow them, the Gods took steps to reduce man’s powers.......... - Read more

Intuition – Solar Fire

We, humans, are endowed with two kinds of mind. These are commonly referred to as lower mind and higher mind, but esoteric science has other names. Two of these names are, respectively, Lunar and Solar. The Lunar mind is linked with the emotional nature, or lunar aspect, and seeks pleasure, satisfaction, and expression in the physical world. The Solar mind is linked with the Buddhi nature, and seeks the perfect expression of spiritual ideals.......... - Read more

The Wisdom of Angels

Almost every culture acknowledges angels as existing in one form or another and fulfilling some vital role in creation. We see this in myth, personal accounts, sacred texts, and of course in religions. According to a gallop pole over seventy percent of Americans believe in angels – even more than attend church (I couldn’t find figures for the UK).......... - Read more

What is War?

We are at war! Are we not? Every evening the TV news brings us pictures of conflict, of soldiers with guns patrolling occupied territory while the populations plot to blow them up. We see a nation despising nation, terrorists bombing innocents in unsuspecting busy streets, and religious fervour calling for revenge and death sentences. Politicians incite hatred and justify the use of terrifying and deadly force. Hatred is piled upon hatred and fear upon fear. Big Brother is in his element, and all in the name of justice. We are at war – otherwise, where is the peace?......... - Read more